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Where to Buy Wide Fitting Wedding Shoes

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A bride might think that finding the perfect wide fitting wedding shoes would be difficult but with the assistance of various internet sites specializing in bridal wear and footwear for hard-to-fit women, the process can be fun and satisfying. Just because a bride has a wide foot does not mean her footwear can't be as elegant as normal width wedding shoes. Wide fitting wedding shoes are available for purchase on numerous websites in many different colors and styles that are sure to satisfy your needs.

Customized Wide Fitting Wedding Shoes

Planning well ahead of your wedding means you can have your wedding footwear pre-made and customized to a certain design or color. In fact, you can find websites selling wedding shoes which can be dyed any color you wish. No matter what the colors of your wedding or wedding dress are, you can have your footwear match or contrast these colors in a hue that exactly meets your specifications. In addition, having your shoes dyed is relatively inexpensive.

Companies which make customized wide fitting wedding shoes will want to know specifications such as desired heel height, width and length of foot from heel to toe. As a general rule, most wedding shoe manufacturers will tell you that the larger the shoe, the higher the heel must be, since the heel should appear in proportion to the shoe size itself. A short heel attached to a size 11 shoe would look odd when compared to the overall size of the shoe.

Wedding shoes that are dyed a certain color can also be re-dyed if another color is wanted for future events to which you want to wear these shoes. Companies that dye shoes can also dye other wedding accessories, such as gowns or purses.

You can also have your wide fitting wedding shoes custom decorated with such items as pearls, diamonds or other jewelry made into beautiful brooches that clip on the shoe. Ankle straps are another option many brides choose to accessorize with since an ankle strap makes ankles look slim and elegant.

Other Types of Wedding Shoes

Having a non-traditional wedding is not uncommon today and many brides would rather wear something more comfortable than a high-heeled pump. With weddings occurring that incorporate sky-diving, hang-gliding or cliff-diving, the choice of attire and shoes has become much more open and acceptable. Wide fitting wedding shoes can now take the form of sandals, laced-up boots, flats or even sophisticated gym shoes, depending on the theme and style of the wedding.

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