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Walking Shoes Strapped ON SALE!

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Strapped Walking Shoes for Men

By Mithran

Shoes are undeniably an important part of a fashion statement. But strapped shoes for men? Is it not a big no-no for the fashion conscious male? The fact is (as quoted by many a fashion icon and I repeat) trends in fashion come and go, but style stays forever. Wearing something you like or owning a piece of furniture is stating who you are. It is the same for shoes. Looking for a pair of walking shoes isn't as simple as it was just a decade ago. The industry is now catering to your personal size, taste and budget!

If you are the kind who loves to 'chill out' with family or friends outdoors, chances are, you would want to first invest in a good pair of walking shoes before you venture out sight seeing'How do you start? My first advice is ' do get your size and fit absolutely right. A good idea is to check your size at the end of the day when your feet are tired and see for yourself which shoe size makes you feel most comfortable. But shopping for men's shoes walking around the mall can be a frustrating experience, if you are not blessed with the virtue of patience. Not to despair'

Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can now look for a wide variety of mens shoes at the click of a button. To begin with, a few important rules for any brand of walking shoes. Keep it light weight, look for a certain shock absorbing capacity at the sole and a breathable upper material, to be able to clock in as many miles comfortably as one can. Let us look into a few medium to upper range brand of shoes.

Whether or not you are a 'strap lover' do have a look at shoes from Propet. A company started in 1980's, this is a fairly new entrant into the shoe market, but they give a 1000 mile or 6 month guarantee whichever is first, on a wide variety of shoes. Their range, in the width and size of the shoe has been a joy for the wide-footed, such as myself. A large number of wide width shoes are available in stock without having to wait for a custom made order. The pricing is competitive and the colour range is by far the best in strap shoes.

For those who are constantly on the run from home to work, catching the subway or walking to your office block, the classic leather strap shoes from Hush Puppies are a great addition. Yes, Hush Puppies has transcended the notion of 'strapped shoes for walks only' category and has cleverly blended it for work and fun alike. A modern and contemporary style that is embraced by the old and young alike, Hush Puppies shoes are available in exciting colours and sizes such as the tan leather, brown, white leather and wide widths. Combined with comfort features such as gel sole - which is ideal for diabetics or arthritis patients - and soft interior, I must say the look has not been sacrificed for comfort! A fairly young company founded only in 1958, Hush Puppies today are immensely popular with young and old alike. The greatest relief about these shoes is that they can fit in from work to a casual evening party or just an evening walk! The prices are competitive and are a great value for money. .

If you fancy a 'state of art' walking strap shoes with style and therapeutic comfort, then shoes from Drew are for you. Armed with microbe shield for combating odour problems, lining with special moisture absorbing Dri-lex to keep the foot dry and double removable insoles for comfort fit and special hook and loop straps for extended durability these are targeted for wide range of customers who are less particular about cost and more about comfort.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time you added strapped walking shoes to your ward robe!

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