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Boys and mens skate shoes are designed and manufactured for use in skateboarding. They come in a range from small sizes for boys up to larger sizes for teenagers and adults. Mens skate shoes size 15 are not uncommon, although you may not be able to buy a pair that size from your local footwear store. Online retailers generally specialize in specific styles and larger fittings and sizes.   


Most skateboarding footwear is designed with safety in mind, and to improve the skate boarding experience. Most mens skate shoes size 15, are made with a rubber or polyurethane sole to maximize the grip on the skateboard. Any skateboarder will know, it is not much fun falling off a skateboard at high speed, or when performing potentially dangerous stunt. According to statistics, 26% of injuries are a result of a failed attempt at a stunt. 


Skating footwear needs to be very flexible, comfortable, and have plenty support and grip to avoid accidents. Skate shoes need to have a strong ollie pad. An ollie pad assists the skaters to perform stunts and tricks safely. Ollie pads make the shoes last longer. Skater shoes are also used by BMX bike riders to help them grip the bike pedals. The thick soles also act as brakes.


Mens skate shoes size 15 are typically constructed with a large flat sole, to better grip the skateboard. They may have reinforced areas that are prone to excessive wear. 


There are several brands of skateboarding footwear including: Vans skate boarding shoes, DC skate shoes, Nike air trainers, Fallen Footwear, Nike SB, Kustom, Converse, Globe Shoes, Emerica, Zoo York skate shoes, Osiris, IPath, Pumps, Etnies and Adio skate shoes. There are other brands too. However, when buying skating footwear be sure to look for a comfortable fitting shoe. Skateboarding footwear should aid stability when skating and you should feel comfortable when applying pressure on the sole of your foot and on your heel. Size 15 indicates a big foot size, so it is important not to try and squeeze your feet into size 14, or float around in size 16 skates. If you need mens skate shoes size 15, then buy size 15 skates. 


Various brands of skateboarding footwear have different features. Some skates have air pockets in the heels; other brands have thermoplastic toe box reinforcement; some skating shoes have cup soles, shoelace protectors, asymmetric stabilizers, and fusion grip rubber outsoles. The laces should withstand wear as they tend to wear out quickly. Some mens skate shoes are triple stitched with thick threads designed to avoid tearing. Some footwear brands have deep patterns on the soles to give a firm surface grip.


What brand you choose will depend on your budget and what quality you want. Some brands of mens skates are designed for the serious skateboarder, whereas other brands are more for the fashion conscious teen, or beginner.


Skateboarders typically practice for hours so most will need skate shoes that are sturdy, comfortable and fit well. Poor fitting footwear can cause tiredness, aching feet, and can result in blisters and bunions if the shoes are continually rubbing against the skin or bones.


Search this website for a range of boys and mens skate shoes size 15.

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