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If you have bigger feet (size 15), then it is important to buy good fitting footwear. Let’s say you are a businessman and your feet are size 15 - then you need to buy mens dress shoes size 15. Unfortunately some males don’t take choosing correct footwear seriously enough. They buy size 14, or size 16, when they should be wearing size 15. If you’re a business executive, or going to a formal function, then wear mens dress shoes size 15, if that is what you need.

Unfortunately poor fitting footwear can result in, or aggravate, all kinds of foot problems as well as problems with general health and wellbeing. Badly fitting shoes can affect posture and even cause bunions, calluses, hammer toe, and aggravate back and hip problems. As a matter of interest, a recent study by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society revealed that 88% of females in the USA wear shoes that are too small, and 55% of them have bunions. The message is simple – don’t buy poor fitting footwear even if it is on sale or looks really fashionable.

Talking of fashion, mens dress shoes are an important part of the corporate look… if you are a business executive. If you invited to an important formal function, then wearing quality mens dress shoes the right thing to do. If you wear size 15 footwear, and you get asked to a formal wedding reception, there is would look strange if you arrived dressed in a suit and tie but wearing size 15 sneakers.


Mens dress shoes size 15 would be the right footwear. However, dress shoes don’t need to be old-fashioned or boring, there is a wide range of styles in bigger sizes (14, 15, or 16) for males. They are not all the boring black lace up shoes we wore as kids.


Brands for males include: Stacy Adams, Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole, and rockport mens dress shoes.


When buying dress shoes for men (size 15), the footwear style should match the style of the outfit. Even a pair of quality Italian shoes styled somewhere between cowboy boots and loafers can work well with an appropriate dress suit. However, with the wrong suit the footwear could look completely inappropriate.


Black dress shoes are still the most popular for men and some dressy designs even derive from the traditional moccasin styling. Lace-ups are still the most common styling for mens dress shoes size 15. The dressiness of smooth leather generally looks classier, than the less dressy rough grain leather on men’s dress shoes. Excessive detailing (perforations) can look less dressy than the classic plain styling which never seems to go out of fashion.


Slip-ons or mens loafers are also available in mens dress shoes styling, however some of them appear less formal styles of dress shoes. However, in fairness, slip-ons are not always casual footwear. Some loafers have styling suitable for that black-tie evening affair.


In short, don’t buy poor fitting footwear. If you need mens dress shoes size 15, then buy size 15 men’s footwear, not size 14 or size 16. Buy size 15 shoes. Get shoes that are comfortable and good for your feet and overall good health. Choose styling that is appropriate for the occasion and for what you are wearing. Fashion is important, but so too is being practical and comfortable.


Search this web site for retailers selling a range of mens dress shoes size 15. Brands include: kenneth cole, stacy adams, cole haan, and rockport mens dress shoes and dress sandals and boots.

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