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Choosing Extra Wide Mens Dress Shoes


extra wide mens dress shoes

Extra wide footwear for guys is not easy to find, especially when you need comfortable dress shoes in an extremely wide width. Coral dress shoes are even more difficult to find in widths exceeding 4E. Fittings in 5E through 6E widths are available from a number of retailers, however, the style choices and colors are not as plentiful as in other fittings. You may have to take the time to do research in order to find an source that carries fittings in the styles, colors and comfort levels that you desire.

Comfortable dress shoes for men are hard to find in any size, but even more so in extra wide fittings, or mens coral dress shoes. However, they have been manufactured for over 50 years, but most of them are not necessarily comfortable or attractive.

Everyone wants footwear that is stylish and constructed with quality materials. A pair should also fit properly in order to be worn comfortably all day for business and/or pleasure. Many males today hold executive or management positions in the workplace and are required to wear suits and dress shoes every day. If the footwear does not fit properly, it could lead to an uncomfortably long day. Footwear that is not appropriately fitted may cause back or leg pain, corns and callouses on the feet, or extreme fatigue before the day has even begun. A pair can also damage the arches of the feet and affect your balance when walking and climbing steps. Comfortable dress shoes could almost be considered a luxury item, considering their scarcity.

Coral shoes are more of a specialty item than the standard pairs offered by most retailers. The best source for this type of footwear is an online specialty footwear store. They offer sandal, thongs, loafers, boots, moccasins etc. in more colors, styles and prices than traditional retailers.

If you are looking for a pair of wide fitting coral, they will be even more difficult to find, unless you look for them in a specialty store.

Comfortable fittings for guys are currently available in many classic and modern styles, including casual designs. You can choose from standard tie-ups, classic slip-ons and modern dress moccasins or collegiate loafers.

Dress half-boots are also offered by some retailers. Men’s coral dress shoes also come in wing-tip oxfords, welted plain toes and double gored slip-ons.

Casual footwear can also be wonderfully comfortable, and are perfect if your business day requires extensive walking. They are every bit as elegant as the regular leather hard soled varieties.

The casual designs come in a new design called the flex-shoe. These pairs have rubber soles that cradle the foot in comfort all day, and give extra traction on rainy city sidewalks.

Some are so flexible they can be folded and easily packed in luggage for business trips. With varying new styles, and sizes up to 15 6E, extra wide mens dress shoes are now a stylish and comfortable alternative for the big and tall man.

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