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Top Picks In Cross Country Running Shoes

By Mith

Cross country running is one of the most rigorous sports practiced today. Not only does it take the most out of the runner but the shoes too suffer severe damage. This is where these specially designed cross country running shoes come into use, protecting the runner's feet and helping them right to the finish line.

Add the latest Adidas XCS ' Men's Running Shoes to your collection of footwear and make all those grueling cross country races feel like a walk in the clouds. Get great control over rough, uneven surfaces and make effortless sharp turns with the strategically designed Mid-foot Stripes and Lace Loops that hold the foot in place. The XCS's Full Length Rubber outsoles give you an awesome grip over the slippery country terrain.

The Nike Zoom Waffle XC VII Men's Cross-Country Spike is your short-cut to the fast lane. These shoes are designed to have a minimal overlay, mesh upper and lightweight midsole. It does not get lighter than this. For the ultimate grip, these shoes come with Four Spike Receptacles. The strong and flexible rubber tread pattern provides for natural traction. Run like the wind with these light-weight shoes.

A Puma is the very definition of stealth and speed. Puma shoes have been designed on the very same principles. Puma shoes are built for speed and precision. The Puma Complete Ngong XC III Spike Men features a lightweight upper, KMS-Lite EVA midsole for cushioning, and Evergrip outsole for enhanced traction. The KMS-Lite EVA midsole provides for maximum comfort, breathability and support. These shoes come with the option of exchangeable spikes and have a special configuration of six spikes which allows greater traction.

Find the latest trends in cross country running shoes at your Reebok outlet. The Reebok Velocity Waffle II comes in three great colors, Glen Green, Reebok White and Team Orange. The mesh upper is constructed of synthetic material that provides breathability for your feet. The IMEVA midsole provide lightweight cushioning and added support. The unique rubber 'spikeless' spikes keep your feet in place on soft surfaces and provide a great grip on harder surfaces.

ASICS constructs its cross country running shoes keeping in mind all the variable obstacles that come in the way of your running. The ASICS Hyper XC Spikes Men's running shoes provide superior comfort and enhanced traction on a variety of terrains. Its Trusstic System provides additional stability and control. The SpEVA proprietary midsole offer enhanced shock absorption, while the durable rubber outsole provides superior traction.

The lonesome long distance runner has never had a more faithful companion. The latest range of Men's Running Shoes has changed the face of this sport forever.

Search this site for a range of cross country running shoes for men.

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