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Where to Find Cheap Asics Shoes

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Although buying Asics shoes can be expensive if purchased at a specialty sports store, finding cheap Asics shoes online is possible by searching for sites specializing in discounted sports products. Asics shoes are also referred to as "Tigers" because of the tiger stripe design marking these shoes. During the 1970's Asics shoes became popular when many athletes participating in the Olympics wore Asics running shoes and won gold medals for their performances. Later, the acronym "ASICS" became known to fans as meaning "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" or "a sound mind in a sound body" Asics also began manufacturing shoes for women in the 70's, which broadened their customer base and greatly increased the company's yearly earnings.

Developed by researchers in the 1980's, the Asics Gel Cushioning System transformed sporting footwear by creating a mechanism which absorbed the shock of running on the feet by dispersing the impact horizontally and reducing stress on tendons. This revolutionary cushioning system is also responsible for "rearfoot" and "forefoot" systems which provide ultimate shock absorption at those areas receiving the most impact. Today, Asics shoes are worn by professional athletes and non-professional people who regularly run for health reasons. Considered one of the better constructed sports shoe available, Asics is developing a loyal customer base apart from professional athletes who say it's perfect fit and shock absorption abilities make it the best running shoe available.

Features of Asics Shoes

Some of the quality features include in a pair of cheap Asics shoes includes an impact guidance system which assists in maintaining a foot's natural form while running; asymmetrical lacing design that promotes a more comfortable fit thus decreasing improper fit and foot fatigue; and a "space trusstic system" which provides for more effectual foot functioning. While the price for a pair of Asics shoes can range from $125 on up, you can find these shoes selling for around $80 on many discount sites, in addition to Ebay or Amazon. For example, you can find a pair of ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 16 Running Shoes on Amazon selling for around $90. A pair of Asics Women's GEL-Nimbus 12 Running Shoe is also on sale on Amazon for about $80, much less than if you were to purchase Asics in a specialty store. In addition, purchasing cheap Asics shoes online from Amazon or Ebay gives you a chance to read reviews posted by those who have actually bought and worn these shoes.

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