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 Steel toe work boots

Every year in the USA more than 100,000 people injure their feet at work. Wearing proper footwear (like mens steel toe boots) can help prevent this type of injury from happening.


If you work on a construction site or work as a builder or carpenter, or handle heavy equipment or tools, then good quality mens steel toe boots are essential to prevent foot injury. 


Good brands of work boots have a steel plate installed on the bottom of the boot to protect from the danger of sharp objects like nails poking into the bottom of your foot. They are called mens steel toe boots.  


Protective footwear is important especially if you don’t want to lose a toe, cut a vein, or perhaps spend weeks or months off work or in hospital. The problem is; three out of four people who receive a workplace foot injury are not wearing any kind of protective footwear.  


Accidents do happen and dropping something heavy on your foot is a common type of workplace foot injury. Mens steel toe boots can prevent serious foot damage and although they are more expensive to buy, they last a long time and are well worth the investment. 


One excellent, reasonably priced brand of mens steel toe boots is Timberland Pro Pitt Boss. This boot features full grain oiled leather uppers, electrical hazard protection, polyurethane midsole as well as slip and oil resistant rubber lug sole. The steel toe construction meets all ANSI safety standards. 

The Pitt Boss are good examples of a safe, tough, and really comfortable mens steel toe boots. They offer a roomier toe box than other men’s work boots. This means no foot pain even after long hours of hard work. They have traction-grip for working on wet or slippery surfaces and electronic hazard protection to keep you safe from open circuits. 


Another top brand is the Caterpillar 'Second Shift' Mens Steel Toe Boots. CAT Rugged Outdoor Work footwear is as tough as their famous tractors. Both sink their claws into the soil and get the job done at rugged work sites. CAT knows that your footwear is just as important as any other piece of equipment on the job. These mens steel toe boots are manufactured in quality materials with long lasting outsoles.  


So when it comes to workplace safety mens steel toe boots can be a good way to avoid a trip to the emergency room. Worse still, you could be unable to work for months if you suffer a serious foot injury.  


If you work around machinery, heavy tools, or construction materials wearing steel toe boots need to be an essential part of your safety gear. Workplace foot injuries can be very painful so it is worth avoiding workplace injuries.  


There are several manufacturers of high-quality mens steel toe boots including: Lacrosse boots, Chippewa, Wolverine, Sorel boots, Irish Setter, Merrell boots, Timberland boots, Magnum, Carolina, Dunham, Red Wing, Rocky, Hitec, Skechers, and Columbia. 


Have a look around this web site for online retailers as many will have mens boots on sale at clearance prices.

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