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We are all different and wear different sized footwear. At age 12 some kids wear a 12 fitting, at age 14 some wear footwear in a fourteen fitting, and at age 15 - men's footwear in a fifteen fitting. Fortunately, the growing eventually stops, although there is still a strong market for sizing 13, up to a 16 fitting and larger. The foot length is the priority for many males, others need extra wide male footwear, and some need both length and width.

With the help of the internet it is easy to find online stores that specialize in bigger sizing up to a 16 fitting and above. Some of them even have savings on guys footwear in bigger sizes even including US size 20 athletic shoes. These specialist stores for guys offer a range of narrow, medium and extra wide pairs (fifteen is a fitting many don't often stock). The sizes for guys footwear in a fifteen are: C (narrow) 4.3 inches, D (medium/standard) 4.6 inches, and E (wide) 5 inches. Fifteen is definitely a large fitting compared to what most footwear stores carry.

Most people have one foot that is slightly larger than the other foot. To check your size, stand on a piece of paper and draw around the edge of each foot. Measure a straight line from toe to heel at the longest point. Then measure the foot width from side to side at the widest point. Check the measurements. Tracing around your feet is not an exact science, so you might need to subtract approx. 3/16 of an inch (5mm) from your measurement to get your accurate sizing.

15 Reasons To Buy Correct Fitting Men's Footwear

I said 15 reasons, well the real answer is just one. If you need fifteen make sure you buy fifteen. Some people try and squeeze their feet into 14 when they need fifteen. That is sometimes because there is a better selection of fourteens than there is fifteens, but really that is no excuse to damage your feet.

US male size fifteen are typically 12.33 inches long, however individual factors like a persons instep and foot arch can also affect the correct size fitting. Large pairs also vary from brand to brand and style to style. It is therefore best to either have a fitting session before buying your footwear, or carefully reading the manufacturers specifications if buying on the internet.

From my own experience of trying on a pair of size fifteen I have found a big difference in brands and styles. I have found Nike are typically a tighter fit. New Balance come in wider sizing and are comfortable on my larger feet. Adidas seem to be a little shorter, so I would tend to go for a size bigger. My experience with Puma is that the fit seem to vary from foot to foot.

Some guys athletic footwear seem to fit small and narrow feet better than long, wide feet. Depending on the brand and style, you may need to order a fitting larger to be comfortable. If you usually wear athletic footwear you may need to drop a size when wearing other shoe styles. Men’s casual loafers are typically a little larger than the true size, although there are exceptions to the rule. Sandals, flip flops, thongs (Jandals) are generally true to size in length meaning some men with big feet tend to choose a smaller fitting.

Here are some examples of excellent online deals:

Rockport Margin on sale at $89.95. This style is perfect for office wear. The Rockport has leather-lined tongues and the collars are padded for comfort. The large pairs are designed for flexibility and long wear. The sturdy steel shank provides extra support.

On sale at $64.95 are the Mens Shoes Size 15 Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original. This large pair is made from oil-tanned leather for low water absorption. They are generally a non-marking, durable rubber fit. The Sperry Top-Sider features rustproof eyelets.

On sale at $104.45 is the New Balance MW927. They are true to fifteen and feature a leather upper, and compression molded EVA sole for cushioning and flexibility. The New Balance has a stabilizing outsole that supports the foot through the walking gait cycle.

New Advances in Men’s Size 15 Casual Shoes

Can you remember when mens size 15 casual shoes required no thought at all, because there just weren’t that many to choose from? You could have black, brown or white shoes and they would be boots, tennis footwear or your old pair of dress footwear. Did you ever wonder why women and kids had all the fun when it came to foot-wear shopping? Not any longer! Now, styles and colors of guys wide width footwear offer as much variety as women’s do. You, too, can have a different pair for every day, every activity, even every time you change your mind! Doesn’t that sound familiar!

Even as male footwear moved into a new era of selection and style, that didn’t apply to men's wide width casual shoes. If you could even find bigger footwear, they were still just like your daddy’s old boots. When you did find them, it was at a big and tall store, or some other specialty foot-wear or clothing store; they were still ugly, but they could charge you an arm and a leg for a pair anyway. Thank goodness, those days are gone forever!

Now you can have quality, attractive and even colorful footwear, if you want them. The prices are reasonable and there are so many styles to choose from that matching them to your clothing is a snap. Online shopping can get you some great discounts on mens wide width casual shoes, without you ever having to leave home. Or if you like to get out and about and shop, try the local outlet store or department store at the mall; most of them carry guys wide width casual footwear these days. These days even some big box stores have big sizes in casual footwear. It’s a whole new shopping world for men!

Have you ever wanted that new pair of casuals to wear to the lake or a pair of those cool top sider style wide width casual footwear you saw someone wearing; how about a nifty pair of hiking boots for your next camping trip? Did you see those loafers that have a sole so soft and flexible you can fold them up? You can find all of these, any many more, in guys casual footwear. The choices are many, the time is now, so get out there and get all that new casual footwear you’ve been wanting and make those feet happy.

Be honest, did you ever think to yourself; I want a pair of those, but they don’t make them in my size. Sometimes it’s not easy to be a big and tall man who needs extra, extra large things in his life, in order to make him as comfortable as everyone else seems to be. At least someone finally understood how important it was for a man to look his best, in order to feel his best; and invented big and tall clothing and mens size 15 casual shoes.

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